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At Carpet and Janitorial  
We are committed to providing the highest quality cleaning service

We use the most advanced equipment technology available for carpet cleaning. At Carpet and Janitorial J&J we use an antibacterial solution in all cleanings because it removes harmful bacteria from your home.

We give your carpets the best cleaning in the industry! Our professional carpet cleaning removes dirt, dust, dust mites, viruses, pet dander, stains, and odors, to name a few.

It's surprising how much carpet can affect a room. When it's clean and smooth, everything else feels fresh, light, and wonderful. However, when a rug is dirty and grungy, it can make even the prettiest room feel dark and drab.

Of course, a house is not a house without furniture and when you start looking down, it can also make your home feel bleak. Don't worry though, because Carpet and Janitorial J&J also offers upholstery cleaning. We can liven up that sad looking sofa or desolate loveseat, revitalizing and refreshing it with our fantastic system.

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